ISPM15 and NIMF 15 With Thermokil

Loading pallets into a mobile heat treatment container

Thermokil are the pioneer suppliers of mobile ISPM15 heat treatment kilns  in the UK.

Our range of container conversions and mobile ISPM15 heat treatment kilns have made heat treatment far more cost-effective than Methyl Bromide fumigation, and has facilitated the phase-out and wind down in the use of this dangerous and environmentally damaging gas.

The Thermokil ISPM 15 Heat treatment chambers employ a unique system of air circulation that deals with the problems associated with heating up damp timbers. This is particularly applicable to the UK and north European climates and as a result we can treat timber at a fraction of the cost and much faster than traditional kiln drying techniques.

Our fully mobile ISPM 15 heat treatment containers are a favourite with the military as they can be moved between sites, and are either operated singly or in pairs, where one container is loaded/unloaded and stamped whilst the other is heating.

Our ISPM15 container conversions can be completed for as little as £20,000 plus VAT and are the cheapest way to get into the ISPM15 market.

Our Services

  • Supply of mobile 40' ISPM15 heat treatment kilns.
  • ISPM 15 heat treatment container conversions.
  • Custom kilns
  • Kiln services including maintenance and assistance with ISPM15 accreditation.
  • ISPM15 consultancy services.
  • Hire of UKAS calibrated temperature monitoring systems for ISPM15 accreditation purposes.

Cost of Kilns

40' mobile ISPM15 heat treatment kilns

At just £38,000 plus vat installed and running costs of as little as £20-00 per cycle, these containers are the most cost effective and simple to use method of heat treating pallets and packaging for ISPM 15. Also, as they run off 230v 50Hz, we can use them with a generator, meaning they can be used in pallet yards without mains power. Containers with re-enforced floors and heavy duty rollers can also be specified for heat treatment of timber.

Loading pallets into a 40 ft mobile heat treatment container Inside of a 40 ft mobile heat treatment container A 40 ft mobile kiln in a pallet yard

ISPM15 kiln conversions

We can convert our clients own 20' or 40' insulated containers into ISPM15 compliant kilns for as little as £15,000 for a 20' conversion to £20,000 for a 40' conversion.

Outside of a kiln conversion Inside of a kiln conversion Pallets stacked into a kiln conversion

ISPM 15 Gallery

Gallery of photos relating to ISPM 15 treatments.


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